Satpal Ram - and his army of liars

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February 3, 2010

Dear Dr Shah,

I have, yesterday, come across your book Legal Pluralism In Conflict... and have to say that I am astounded that a Senior Law Lecturer and a PhD at that, should have written such absolute
twaddle about convicted murderer Satpal Ram. You appear to have no critical faculty at all because you are simply repeating the mantra of the Free Satpal Campaign, regurgitating the lies
they spewed out for a decade about both his innocence and the culpability of Ramís victim for his own death.

The mere fact that this case was twice dismissed by the Court of Appeal - the second time in a strongly worded judgment handed down by Lord Justice Beldam - should have given you
cause for thought.

The true facts of Regina v Ram can be found on the website I set up in April 2001, and which can now be found at


If the pop-ups annoy you, you will also find it at*/

This website is based largely on official documents - including the full Court of Appeal judgments and the pathologistís report on Ramís victim.

You will find a PDF of a speech I made about this case on the Internet Archive at the url below:

I hope after you study this irrefutable documentation that at the very least you revise this passage in any subsequent edition of your book.

The Free Satpal Campaign duped the media, many lawyers and even Parliament, but one should expect better of someone with a PhD in Law.

I would suggest too that you take another, and more critical look, at the case of convicted murderess Zoora Shah, a woman who administered poison to her lover twice.

Yours Sincerely,
A Baron

[The above is an e-mail, so titled, that was sent to the author of Legal Pluralism In Conflict; suffice it to say I did not receive any response, either from Shah himself or Roger Cotterrell (who wrote the Foreword). Smart apostrophes have been substituted, and italics have replaced quotation marks in the book title, otherwise it is verbatim. The actual e-mail just about fits onto a screengrab].

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