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SATPAL RAM — Entry From Murder In The UK

This page is very simple. The screengrab below is from the relevant entry from the website murderuk.com, ie Murder In The UK. This shows how the page looked on February 25, 2004. (Donít blame me for the colour scheme).

I archived the same page on February 26, 2018 - fourteen years and a day later - there is no significance in this; I fitted it into my already busy timetable. The new entry more than fills my computer screen so courtesy of Google Chrome, here is the PDF version. The reader may notice the full PDF file has two pages; the second page is completely blank, so I have omitted that. In any case, the HTML version can be found at the Internet Archive, and at the time of writing, the website is still operating.

I am flattered that the update information appears to have been retrieved from this website. I think I may have e-mailed Murder In The UK at one point, a decade and more ago.

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